Welcome to Premier Inspections Hawaii. We proudly serve all of Oahu seven days a week, providing the need-to-know facts about your new home. At Premier Inspections Hawaii we are dedicated to giving you the best possible home inspection experience. Your inspector is certified, has successfully passed the National Home Inspector Exam® and is insured.

Did you know...

Most inspectors will not walk your new home’s roof. At Premier Inspections Hawaii your inspector will walk the entire roof to find any defects that cannot be seen from the roof edge.

Most inspectors will not crawl to all accessible areas of the attic. Your Premier Inspections Hawaii inspector will get dirty for you to discover any visible issues, such as leaks, that are not readily viewable.

Most inspectors will not access the entire crawl space under the home. Once again, our inspector is not afraid to get dirty for you and will inspect all accessible points of the crawl space. We are dedicated to providing you with a thorough inspection.

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